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Avada v6.1.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme – Full Package

Overview – Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme being distributed by Themeforest. Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market. Simply put, it is the most versatile, easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is truly one of a kind, other themes can only attempt to include the vast network options that Avada includes. Avada is all about building unique, creative and professional websites through industry leading options network without having to touch a line of code. Our amazingly flexible network of options is paired with an easy to use interface that allows anyone from beginner to advanced build beautiful, responsive websites. It is not only a theme, it is a powerful design tool. Avada can be anything you wish it to be because of our flexible framework. It has a clean design, a fully responsive framework, industry leading options network and the intuitive Fusion Builder that makes page building a breeze. Avada definitely sets the new standard with endless possibilities, top-notch support, and incredible featured packed updates requested from our users. Avada is the most easy to use theme on the market and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use.

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v6.1.1 - Oct 30, 2019

– NEW: Added a Theme Option to enable/disable the automatic language updates
– NEW: Added a Theme Options that allows you to set a custom text for the excerpt read more […]
– NEW: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.8
– NEW: Compatibility with WordPress 5.3
– NEW: Added HubSpot to our recommended plugins
– IMPOVEMENT: Moved Element Appearance Animations option to the Animation tab in Theme Options and combined desktop and mobile setting
– IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Builder Live element sidebar auto re-opening now when exiting the preview mode
– IMPROVEMENT: Added visibility, animations and CSS class and ID option to Audio element
– IMPROVEMENT: Added the reset to default icons to the color options of Audio element
– IMPROVEMENT: Updated several option descriptions and dependencies for better usability
– FIXED: Issue with structured data when Yoast breadcrumbs are used
– FIXED: Some Button element options not being applied correctly because they are overridden by Theme Option defaults
– FIXED: Button text color in footer being overwritten with footer link color
– FIXED: Privacy consent text on YouTube/Vimeo elements not being visible
– FIXED: Equal heights in blog element not always being correct when using infinite scroll or load more pagination
– FIXED: Logo margins being added, even if no logo is used
– FIXED: Form focus color not working for the WooCommerce drop-down arrow box
– FIXED: WooCommerce specific dynamic data missing on back-end product editing pages
– FIXED: A small accessibility issue with Toggle element
– FIXED: Title element highlight animations replaying on iPhones on scroll
– FIXED: Some slanted/italic fonts sometimes being cut off in the title element
– FIXED: Typo in Column element class that causes issue with image lazy loading
– FIXED: Rotation animations on Title element sometimes causing a flash of text on page load and re-looping on page resize
– FIXED: CSS animations on mobile option interfering with Title element animation/rotation options
– FIXED: Container and Column elements without any parameters causing a JS error on the back-end editor
– FIXED: Before & After element not correctly displaying the after image on RTL languages in some cases
– FIXED: Some CSS map files causing network loading errors
– FIXED: Select field scrolling conflict between dynamic content elements and Yoast SEO in back-end editor
– FIXED: Featured image dynamic data on Container element background invoking loading spinners on child element in Fusion Builder Live
– FIXED: Fusion Builder Live element controls hover colors being incorrect on blog posts
– FIXED: Main menu search layout option duplicating the menu in Fusion Builder Live when a dedicated sticky menu is set
– FIXED: Hover Type option preview button not working correctly for Column element in Fusion Builder Live
– FIXED: Column sizer popup in Fusion Builder Live being cut off when using parallax scrolling on the wrapping container
– FIXED: Gallery element border radius not working correctly when using “round” as value in Fusion Builder Live


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