Composium v5.6.0 – WP Bakery Page Builder Extensions Addon (formerly for Visual Composer)

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This plugin is an official addon (extension) for WP Bakery Page Builder, provides elements to easily embed forms created with the popular “QuForm – WordPress Form Builder” and pricing tables created with “Go – Responsive Pricing and Compare Tables for WP”…

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v5.6.0 - Sep 10, 2020

– Plugin now provides option to load jQuery Migrate library directly if WordPress 5.5.x is used (disabled by default)
– Plugin now provides option to redeclare missing “wpColorPickerL10n” variable if WordPress 5.5.x is used (disabled by default)
– Plugin now supports new WordPress auto-update routine introduced with v5.5.0 of WordPress via 3rd party service
– Added option to “CP Templates Widget” to strip all rows and contents from content before showing in footer or sidebar as widget
– Added option to “TS Timeline Post Type” element to pull multiple sections from post type at once by using assigned categories
– Added option to “TS Title Textillate” element to define DOM wrapper for title output
– Added options to “TS Font Icon” element to define alternative icon sizes for different device types or screen sizes
– Added option to “TS Circle Steps” element to not use “transitionend” event as trigger (to fix conflicts with some JS animation libraries)
– Added fallback routine to “TS Image GIF Player” element if extracting the first GIF frame via SSL failed
– Modified “TS Countdown” element to strip HTML/PHP tags from custom shortcode callbacks
– Modified “TS Icon Counter” element to strip HTML/PHP tags from custom shortcode callbacks
– Modified “TS Timeline Event” element to show date/time string in element summary
– Modified “Downtime Manager” to receive its own admin menu entry once enabled
– Fixed “contextual_help is deprecated since version 3.3.0” warning for custom post type’s help tabs
– Fixed “jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated” messages in browser console when using jQuery migrate with active logging
– Fixed “Found 2 elements with non-unique id #ts_vcsc_extend_settings_submit_1” warning on custom JS editor page
– Fixed “woocommerce_get_product_ids_on_sale is deprecated since version 3.0! Use wc_get_product_ids_on_sale instead.” warning for WooCommerce elements
– Fixed “WC_Cart::get_remove_url is deprecated since version 3.3! Use wc_get_cart_remove_url instead.” warning for WooCommerce elements
– Fixed issue with “Advanced Styling” setting parameter on WP 5.5.x not rendering correctly
– Fixed issue with “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘)’ in ts_vcsc_parameter_custompost.php file” on some servers
– Fixed issue with “TS Image Switch” element where native WordPress lazyload routine does not load 2nd image
– Fixed “parse_str(): Calling parse_str() without the result argument is deprecated” warning message for “ts_vcsc_registrations_functions.php” file
– Fixed “TS Google Maps PLUS” + “TS Google Maps SINGLE” elements where clicking within the custom infowindow would bubble / propagate the click event down to the map itself
– Fixed issue with “TS Image Switch” element where lightbox is not properly loaded for some click events
– Fixed issue with “TS Textblock Highlighted” element if 3rd party helper class “simple_html_dom_node” is already loaded by theme or other plugins
– Fixed “Undefined variable: id in ts_vcsc_custom_post_downpages.php on line 395” error message for “CP Downpages” custom post type
– Renamed “TS Timeline Post Section” element to “TS Timeline Post Type”
– Added setting option to plugin’s settings page to prevent this plugin to use the WP Bakery Page Builder internal “wpb_js_remove_wpautop” call for content elements of this addon
– Other Adjustments for changes in WordPress v5.4.x / 5.5.x releases
– Updated internal PHP helper “Codestar” framework to v2.1.4
– Updated “wp-color-picker-alpha” script from v2.1.2 to v2.1.4 (with custom adjustments for WP 5.5.x “wpColorPickerL10n” changes)
– Other CSS + JS Improvements
– Updated EN/DE .po/.mo language files


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