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Hide My WP v6.1 (License key) – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress – Full Package

Overview – Hide My WP – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress being distributed by CodeCanyon. Hide My WP is the best selling WordPress Security Plugin on CodeCanyon. Hide My WP completely protects the attacks due to security flaws.

Hackers can not detect you are using WordPress because Hide My WP has the following mechanisms:

– Change the WordPress path
– Hide wp-login.php
– Hide or change the wp-admin path and files it contains
– Change the theme folder WordPress, remove WP information in CSS, change default WP class and compress CSS.
– Change plugin folder and plugin name
– Change upload URL, wp-includes, AJAX URL, etc.
– Change WordPress query URL
– Change permalink author (or turn it off!)
– Change or deactivate the feed
– Hide all other WordPress files!
– Disable categories, tags, pages, posts, etc.
– Easily replace any words in your html output file!
– Notify you when someone is searching for your WordPress site (included in visitor details such as IP, user agents, referrers, and usernames)!
– Compress html and delete comments in source code
– Delete WordPress meta in Header and Feed
– Change the default email sender of WordPress
– Custom Page 404!
– Remove unnecessary classes
– Clean the class in the body tag

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Plugin has been activated to install full premium features.


v6.1 - Jan 8, 2020

  • Feature: IDS – Delete All Log for IP Address
  • Feature: Support for PHP 7.2 and 7.3
  • Bug: Cron job stuck
  • Bug: Deprecated: Function create_function()
  • Bug: hide_my_wp plugin name still visible in URL
  • Bug: PHP notice undefined variable rules
  • Bug: Incompatibility with Elementor v2.6
  • Bug: Dashboard fixes are shown with a blank line in b/w
  • Bug: PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information
  • Bug: Purchase code doesn’t work for first time installation via Wizard
  • Bug: Wrong link to plugin settings
  • Bug: REST API rename issue
  • Bug: detecting WordPress
  • Bug: Trust Network Bugs


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