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Last Update: June 29, 2022
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Beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin. Use our Drag & Drop form builder to create your WordPress forms. This is a Pro package that includes addons.

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  Plugin has been activated. Addons included.


v1.7.5 - June 28, 2022

### Added
– Form Tags: add tags to forms with an ability to filter by them; bulk add/edit/delete tags for multiple forms.
– Payment details stored in entries are now searchable.
– Display the status of the Lite Connect setting and the date-time when it was enabled (Tools > System Info).
– New `{unique_value}` smart tag.

### Changed
– The sodium library is now included in WordPress core, so we removed it from the plugin.
– Action Scheduler library was updated to 3.4.2 to fix deprecation notices with PHP 8.1.
– The jquery.validate library updated to 1.19.4.
– Conditional logic can now be applied to custom fields.
– Do not allow not completed Challenge to appear in the regular Form Builder.

### Fixed
– For some fields, their default values were not always previewed in the Form Builder.
– Regularly clean up additional information we store for each task we run within the plugin.
– No fatal error anymore in Allow/Deny email lists with very long or international emails.
– Correctly handle additional CSS classes for each WPForms block on the same page (Block Editor).
– Properly process survey field values when they were updated to become empty.
– Modals order was incorrect when the Lite Connect feature was enabled or disabled on mobile.
– Notification for the last step of the WPForms Challenge was not displayed on the Posts Page with the Gutenberg plugin.
– Some Form Templates could be empty upon fresh installation.
– Several minor issues in the Challenge flow are now fixed.
– Total value for items with a cost lower than 1 dollar was calculated incorrectly.
– Color Palette was not shown in the Form Builder for duplicated fields.
– Do not register Gutenberg block styles on the front end when no form is present on a page.
– Access Controls: Entries list showed all forms with the ‘View Others Forms’ capability.
– Form Builder exited automatically when a user with allowed permissions created a form.
– Limit the number of attempts to get the site key in Lite Connect.
– Multiple Items (Radio) choice showed “Empty” on a single entry page if a selected choice value is undefined/empty.
– Search results didn’t show old abandoned and partial entries after the latest addon update.
– Entries Search on the Entries Table page was not fully cleared when a user cleared the search.
– Several issues were fixed with the ability to move certain fields (Page Break and Entry Preview).
– Elementor popup was not processing conditional logic on the initial load.
– Added focus state indication for admin tabs.
– Duplicated column name appeared in the columns configs on the Entries Table page when a user tried to change settings.
– Edit Entry: the Date field with a custom format was shown improperly.
– GDPR sub-settings remained enabled if GDPR is disabled and sub-setting was left enabled.
– Duplicate/Trash form actions did not work after sorting forms by Name, Author, or Created Date.
– Improved styling of the warning/loading message for the Modern File Upload field.
– Notices appeared in the debug.log when the user created a Custom Template and used it in the Form Builder.
– Entries Overview: search attributes were removed when searching for an empty HTML tag.
– Empty license was shown improperly in some cases inside the Site Health.
– Fatal error on PHP 8 after a PayPal payment.
– hCaptcha pointer had a weird thick dark border since WordPress 6.0.
– Check GDPR settings before trying to use a cookie.


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