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Total v4.8 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme – Full option

Overview – Total is a Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme being distributed by Themeforest. Total was created with many different niches and professions in mind such as corporations, small business, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies and more

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v4.8 - Jan 10, 2019

  • ADDED Ajax Pagination (load more button) to Total grid modules – Blog Grid, Portfolio Grid, Staff Grid, Testimonials Grid, Image Grid, Recent News, Post Types Archive & Post Types Grid. (note: When you use the “CSS Animation” option in the various modules it will use the animation when loading new items for cool affects)
  • ADDED Z-Index option for WPBakery rows and sections
  • ADDED Option for Rows & Sections for the WPBakery page builder to use the post “featured image” as the row background (useful for creating some cool dynamic templates)
  • ADDED Option to the “Post Content” module to include a sidebar – this way you can create dynamic templates with content above full-width and still have a sidebar next to the primary content (combine this with the new option for rows to use the featured image as a background to create some slick blog post designs with full-width post tiles with backgrounds)
  • ADDED Options to the “Post Content” module to display post series, social share, author bio, related posts and comments (useful when using the new “include sidebar” option if you want these blocks within the same parent element as the post content next to the sidebar)
  • ADDED The Fixed Background options currently in WPBakery rows to the section module
  • ADDEDAlt attribute option for the Total Image module
  • ADDED Default simple table styling to the theme
  • ADDEDSupport for the popular TablePress plugin (design fixes and new TablePress WPBakery Module to quickly insert your tables)
  • ADDED New Customizer section under the General Theme Settings panel for default table styling
  • ADDED “Post Content” option to the typography panel which will target your main content text as many websites use larger fonts for their blog posts. This setting will also target the “post content” module when using the dynamic post template function as well as the page builder text block and any post type or page currently not using the page builder
  • ADDED Typography options for blog entry meta and blog entry content and single post meta
  • ADDED New TotalTheme\WidgetBuilder class – this is a development class used to create custom widgets for WordPress (exclusive to Total) that allows us to register all the Total custom widgets using the “DRY” method of coding, slimming things down quite a bit and allowing for easier addition of new custom widgets in the future
  • ADDED New widget output filters to make it easier to override the output of any Total custom widget
  • ADDED New Slim Newsletter Widget (perfect for your footer widget area!)
  • ADDED Customizer fields to set custom widths for each one of your footer widgets so they can all be different widths
  • ADDED Option to alter the default footer widget bottom spacing (spacing between widgets)
  • ADDED New “Popup” notice when items are added to your cart via the shop page (can be disabled)
  • ADDED Option to the Posts With Thumbnails widget to “expand” the image to the defined width defined in the widget (currently the image is always 65px wide and the width setting is used for cropping only)
  • ADDED New action hook “wpex_hook_after_body_tag” immediately after the main body tag that can be used for tracking code – this hook will never be used by theme functions and should be reserved for scripts that need to be inserted right after the body tag, such as Google Tag manager code
  • ADDED Slider arrows to WooCommerce product galleries
  • ADDED Customizer option to disable categories in breadcrumbs
  • ADDED New function to return correct mobile menu classes (Important: if you modified any of the files at partials/header-menu-mobile-navbar.php, partials/header-mobile-menu-icons.php or partials/header-menu-mobile-fixed-top.php please revise comparing them to the latest theme version).
  • ADDED “Visible At Mobile Menu Breakpoint” and “Hidden At Mobile Menu Breakpoint” visibility options to WPBakery Total modules using the theme visibility option
  • ADDED Option under Customize > WooCommerce (Total) > Single Product to enable lightbox titles for product gallery lightbox
  • ADDED New shortcode “site_url” that returns your site URL. This is useful if you want to create “relative links” in modules such as [site_url]/contact/ – may be useful for stagging sites or development purposes
  • ADDED Customizer options to alter the default width of the WooCommerce product gallery and summary blocks
  • ADDED A function so if you are using the Classic editor plugin or disabled Gutenberg via WPBakery the “wp-block-library” CSS is removed from the site as it’s not needed
  • ADDED Javascript to disable the scroll to warning animation on the WooCommerce cart page when adding/removing items
  • ADDED New filter “wpex_get_font_family_stack” which passes along the $stack and $font_family variables if you want to tweak the font stack of any font loaded on the site via your child theme
  • ADDED Some new options to the testimonials slider module
  • UPDATED WPBakery to version 5.6 – which fully supports WordPress 5.0 without the need for the Classic Editor plugin!
  • UPDATED Revolution Slider to version
  • UPDATED Completely overhaul to the WooCommerce design to make it more modern/cleaner and greatly slim down the CSS used
  • UPDATED Default blue accent color to a different blue
  • UPDATED Small design tweaks throughout the default theme design for more consistent font sizes, borders, paddings, margins, etc.
  • UPDATED Bundled font icons (fontawesome) have been renamed to prevent conflicts with 3rd party plugins using FontAwesome 5 or older versions of the icons. This means anywhere the theme was previous using the classnames “fa” or “fa-{icon}” have been replaced with “ticon and ticon-{icon}”(Important: If you manually added any FontAwesome icons to your site you can simply enable FontAwesome globally via a plugin or rename your custom html/CSS in your child theme to reflect the changes). Additionally 2 new helper functions have been introduced which can be used in your child themes to return full icon html – wpex_theme_icon_html and wpex_get_theme_icon_html
  • UPDATED Bundled Plugins are now provided via a CDN to slim down the file size
  • UPDATED Sample data xml and json files will now load from Amazon S3
  • UPDATED Re-named theme’s main js file from wpex.min.js to total.min.js
  • UPDATED Optimized “after update” checks to prevent extra code from running on site load
  • UPDATED Sass files not included with the to slim things down (we can provide the sass files on request, but you really shouldn’t be editing these – all design tweaks should be done via Custom CSS and if you aren’t sure how, ask and we will assist you)
  • UPDATED Combined some CSS files that could be combined to limit server requests
  • UPDATED Total button module so if you are using the custom field or custom callback option for a link if the return value is empty the button will not display
  • UPDATED wpml-config.xml file to allow html tags in some module attribute translations and to fix some missing attributes
  • UPDATED User icon in entry/single post meta to use outline style to better match other icons
  • UPDATED Cleaner default breadcrumbs design
  • UPDATED Total Newsletter widget uses placeholder instead of value attributes for fields now
  • UPDATED Templatera widget so it can work with “Dynamic” post-based modules such as Author Box, Post Meta..etc or dynamic post – this way you can place post-based modules in your widget areas!
  • UPDATED Newsletter Widget Design to make it more current and added new option to enable an icon for the subscribe button
  • UPDATED Footer Widgets Customizer Panel to split settings into multiple tabs for easier editing
  • UPDATED WooCommerce product entries to make the design more modern (Important: Add to cart button has moved so it now displays when hovering over your products) if you prefer to display the default WooCommerce button styles (below the price) there is an option in the Customizer for that.
  • UPDATED General optimizations to various functions and classes to improve site speed and slim down theme files
  • UPDATED Changed default WooCommerce placeholder image since the default one has too much white space and can be confusing
  • UPDATED Nicer default WooCommerce product reviews design
  • UPDATED WooCommerce cart widget and menu dropdown/overlay cart functions to display “remove” icons that will allow the user to remove items from their cart via AJAX
  • UPDATED Form inputs design to remove default gray background so they are more minimal/modern
  • UPDATED Some pixel values in various places to use em’s instead for better consistency when altering body fonts
  • UPDATED Some texts that were using light grays for their default colors to use opacity instead making things more consistent when tweaking body colors and backgrounds
  • UPDATED Various RTL design fixes
  • UPDATED CSS targeting UL and OL lists no longer targets the .entry class but it added site wide
  • UPDATED The next/previous post links so the border spans the whole width and not just the container width so it better matches the theme design and added Customizer options for padding, background color and border color
  • UPDATED Sidebar links now inherit the sidebar color instead of using custom link colors as it keeps the design more minimal (you can still select custom link colors via the Customizer though if you wish)
  • UPDATED Default scroll to top button design so it’s more minimal/standard and looks better on various designs
  • UPDATED Footer and WooCommerce tagcloud design to match the default tagcloud inserter in the site sidebar
  • UPDATED Default sidebar mobile menu design (more consistent font sizes and search field)
  • UPDATED Total Image and button modules so when you add a gallery lightbox it will now display image alt attributes for the lightbox title, captions in the lightbox as well as defined videos – this has also been updated for grid modules that allow you to display the post gallery in lightbox such as the portfolio grid
  • UPDATED Default lightbox skin is now called “total” and the CSS is loaded globally and uses font icons instead of image based icons
  • UPDATED Post meta CSS to use inline-blocks instead of floats so that post meta can be easily centered if wanted (and added alignment option to the Post Meta WPBakery module)
  • UPDATED Text highlight format so that it doesn’t use any images and is more “modern”
  • UPDATED CSS for main menu with dropdowns to target WordPress specific classes so if extra ul lists are inserted to the menu area via hooks they don’t get affected by the dropdown styling – which allows for the WooCommerce dropdown cart function to be placed inside the parent toggle element for various header styles instead of using javascript for position it (header three, four, five and the new header style)
  • UPDATED Blog load more button and infinite loader spinner gif to display WP core loader gif while loading posts so they are consistent with new grid module load more button and use core wp images
  • UPDATED Testimonial entry author avatar CSS to prevent issues with retina images being too large when using the testimonials grid module
  • UPDATED About widget will now save using the selected image ID instead of full URL and allow you to select your image size
  • UPDATED LocalScroll javascript so you can add the classname “wpex-ls-offset” to any fixed element on your site so that it can be included in your local scroll offset (for example if your site has a custom sticky element at the top and you are using local scroll on the page you can add this classname to your custom element to make sure the browser scrolls to the proper location taking the height of your custom element into account)
  • UPDATED Input font size to 16px for safari on touch devices to prevent zoom on focus
  • FIXED Issue where the WPBakery editor tabs show up under the “Field Group” editor for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • FIXED Double local scroll data attribute added to sections causing warning in W3C checker
  • FIXED One Click Demo Importer Plugin not properly importing RevSliders causing a 500 internal error
  • FIXED Issue with product entry and product category images stretching due to recent WooCommerce updates
  • FIXED “Top Border” option not working for menu dropdowns
  • FIXED Customizer social sharing options not rendering changes on the live site in preview mode
  • FIXED Alignment in the testimonials slider module when displaying the slider arrows
  • FIXED Link color and hover color customizer options not working for the toggle style mobile menu
  • FIXED Issue where Blog Post Title typography options was also affecting WooCommerce single product titles
  • REMOVED WooCommerce plugin CSS files (now all WooCommerce CSS is located in the theme’s wpex-woocommerce.css file which is much smaller)
  • REMOVED Deprecated “skins” folder which was deprecated back in 2015 to slim down the theme structure
  • REMOVED Custom WooCommerce button styling options (woocommerce buttons will now automatically take on the styling of your theme buttons – this greatly slims down your site’s CSS)
  • REMOVED Extra “Disable Comment Cookies” option in the Theme Panel since there is now one in WordPress under Settings > Discussion


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