CrocoBlock – Toolkit for building websites with Elementor

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CrocoBlock is a full suite of plugins to do amazing things with your website using Elementor. It offers tremendous value and is both beginner-friendly and great for developers.

For only $9.98 you will get CrocoBlock full suite including:
  Crocoblock Wizard – Activated
  Jet Plugins Wizard – Activated
  18 Jet Plugins – Activated
  Kava Theme + Kava Child Theme

Items NameVersionSales Page
Crocoblock Wizardv1.1.0How to install
Jet Plugins Wizardv1.2.2How to install
JetAppointments – Appointment plugin for Elementorv1.2.2Sales Page
JetBlocks – Header&Footer plugin for Elementorv1.2.6Sales Page
JetBlog – The best blog plugin for Elementorv2.2.12Sales Page
JetBooking – Booking functionality for Elementorv2.1.1Sales Page
JetCompare&Wishlist – Must-have for online storesv1.2.1Sales Page
JetElements – Meet the basic must-have widgets for Elementorv2.5.2Sales Page
JetEngine – Everything for adding & editing dynamic content with Elementorv2.5.6Sales Page
JetMenu – Build your custom Mega Menu with Elementorv2.0.8Sales Page
JetPopup – Stylish Popup builder for Elementorv1.4.2Sales Page
JetReviews – Classy review widget for Elementorv2.0.2Sales Page
JetSearch – The fastest AJAX search for Elementorv2.1.9Sales Page
JetSmartFilters – Advanced filters for any post typev2.0.4Sales Page
JetStyleManager – Manage Elementor page style settingsv1.0.0-betaSales Page
JetTabs – Tabs, toggles and accordion blocks for Elementorv2.1.10Sales Page
JetThemeCore – Create any website from ready-made pagesv1.2.1Sales Page
JetTricks – Visual effects for Elementorv1.3.2Sales Page
JetWooBuilder – Everything for WooCommerce&Elementorv1.7.2Sales Page
JetProductGallery – Top-notch WooCommerce gallery pluginv1.1.8Sales Page
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